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Miller, and Mike Bazzett. Icehouse , p. Books Are Magic , 6 p. KGB Red Room , 7 p. Harriet Levin and Olga Livshin are poet companions. McNally Jacson — SoHo , 7 p. Mama Tried , 7 p. Seminary Co-op , 3 p. Fondly Truly W Belmont , 7 p. Already have a subscription? Click here to subscribe today!

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Or something like that. Allow Sarah Blake to fix that.

Naamah finds her voice and name in Naamah , out now from Riverhead Books. The reader gets the chance to experience the biblical story from her perspective, all while Naamah contends with womanhood, faith, and, ultimately, her place in the world—both old and new. Blake expertly weaves the classic biblical story with her own queer and feminist retelling, even going as far to abandon all labels of sexuality to celebrate the unbridled desires, dreams, and hopes of a woman the reader will cling to long after they finish reading.

The performance will be recorded for an audiobook by Buckman Publishing. The Hallowed Halls , p. OneTable , p. Princess Toli may be heir to the throne, but she longs to be a fierce hunter and warrior. With her sister and best friend at her side, Toli makes the treacherous journey across the vast ice barrens to Dragon Mountain, where long-held secrets await.

Go back to school with Rise of the Dragon Moon! Or gift it and the book to a classroom, library, or another special child in your life! Subscribe today! The Bindery in San Francisco at p. For it is also an epistle—the book takes the form of a letter written by the narrator Little Dog to his mother, Rose, who cannot read English—as well as epic poem, romance, elegy, family history, theory, and critical essay. This form opts to tell through expansion and surprise rather than build-up and release. Without closure and clear resolution, the novel emerges as a closer reflection of life.

Narrative development occurs as Little Dog remembers different scenes from his childhood and retells stories passed down to him by family members. You once told me that memory is a choice. Descriptions like these saturate the text with vivid details that steady and ground. At the same time, these passages slip away; Little Dog never writes about one place for too long.

We travel through time in a circular trajectory, our distance increasing from an epicenter only to return again, one circle removed. For Little Dog, putting language to memory becomes a way to survive. Beginning as a way out. Remembering and writing become avenues that Little Dog uses to resist death and insist on life.

This method offers a second chance, a way to travel back and rerecord, remake meaning, re-understand, and relive. The instinct to begin multiple times allows the writing to explode; it builds upon and apart from itself, always opening and blooming, even as it ends. Tension builds from an inundation of memory.

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One way this manifests is through language and translation. For luck. Emphasizing the flexibility of language and meaning, Vuong shows just how it can be used to walk towards and within imagination. It lets us stop in order to keep going. The room of the sentence is the place where Little Dog reuses, re-sees, reinterprets, and reclaims language, and, as a result, memory.

At the same time, the sentence is what gets him farther from Rose, who cannot read these truths. We see the usefulness of failure and even the opportunity and openings it can provide. Perhaps in this work, expansion happens through the process of making visible the distance and the gaps. To be gorgeous, you must first be seen, but to be seen allows you to be hunted. And how might this liberation begin?

It is the song of what is left, alive, and beautiful. And maybe we sing to keep ourselves from falling. Maybe we sing to keep ourselves.

Aghast: Switchblade Stories 9

Similarly, Little Dog sings the song of the women who raised him—Lan and Rose. Though the prose is addressed to and revolves around Rose, in many ways her presence remains ghostlike. The audience learns about her primarily through her body and the work she does—her hands, her back, her aches.

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It is her work that helps the family survive. Work is what Rose passes down to Little Dog—the song he is able to sing because she carried him and carries the story. Vuong writes with recognition that narratives of poverty, toxic masculinity, and trauma pervade and persevere. Their passing-down enter the present through spirals; they live within love as cycles of violence and destruction. For example, Little Dog explores the effects of violence on relationships by using history to trace back and understand the circumstances that shaped the people he loves.

He begins to see that the violence Rose inflicts on him mirrors the bullying she faced being half-white the daughter of Lan and an American soldier in Vietnam. The rules, they were already inside us. Between my lips, it was a bud sprouted from inside him, possible.

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This part is the good part of Trevor… Not the squirrel shooter. Not the one who axed up what was left of a shot-up park bench to splinters. He finds hope and kindness within complexity, and keeps them in the light for readers to hold. Good luck! Since the poet is so well-known, you should have no trouble in locating the poem.

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Can't say the same about the book. C67 civil war era: perhaps Nellie's Prayer by George R. Sims , illustrated by J. However, the soldiers are in red with tall bearskins, very English and not at all American Civil War. Are you sure this is a children''s book? It's a crazy story set in a town populated by clowns that does involve a missing nose one of the main characters is embarrassed by the fact that his nose is ill-fitting.

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Big Big Story Book. I have an anthology of childrens stories from the 's called Big Big Story Book. Mine is hardcover wtih a picture of a circus on the front. We'll see the World, they cried one day. And hand in hand they ran away.

C85 El Cid sounds like I26 stories of heroes C85 el cid: well, Knights and Champions, by Dorothy Heiderstadt , illustrated by George Fulton, published Nelson , pages, includes stories of "twelve legendary and historical heroes, including St. I couldn't discover the size or confirm colour illustrations, or any other definite characters beyond Ogier the Dane - nothing certain on Gawain or Horatio.

Everything is ordinarily nice, until she finds an old bronze mirror buried in the sand and looks into it. Hearing the tramp of approaching feet, she turns to face a company of what appears to be Roman soldiers. Her adventures go on from there C camping trip time travel: there is a short series by Meta Mayne Reid , including The McNeills at Rathcapple , published Faber "combines the family story with the magic of adventures into the past"; Sandy and the Hollow Book , published Faber "An exciting story of two children in Ireland who relive forgotten episodes from past history"; and With Angus in the Forest , published Faber "The story of a girl who went back into Irish history during the desparate times of the 10th century Danish raids, and found there an answer to her own problems.

There is also a short time-travel series by M. Atkinson, published Routledge , pages "Another excursion in time granted to the MacAlister family who break through a 'thin spot' in the region of Lymington and find themselves in Norman England in the 11th century. While it is a little difficult to believe that the children's kilts enable them to pass without a great deal of commment Burke are forced down in the sea on a flight to Athens and almost immediately find a 'thin spot' where they break through the veil of time and begin to live in the Greece of BC.

They are thrilled by their experience but frightened too, and anxious to get back home. At once he decided to invite four of his friends to explore with him. The effect that danger and fear have on the characters of the boys - bringing out both good and bad traits - is well depicted.