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By Marcia Muller
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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Aliana Novak spent most of her school years being bullied. Her only refuge, was Hunter Diaz, until the day he graduated and left her to deal with the tormentors herself. Those horrific experiences molded her into what she is today and made her the perfect candidate for Vice Principal of one of the toughest schools in East LA. As she fights for her students to live the best lives they can one of the most notorious gangs in East LA put her in their sights.

100 Must-Read Books with Cats in Them

He has become one of the most dangerous men on the planet. When his adopted grandmother tells him an old friend is in trouble back home, he returns to the place he vowed to leave firmly in the past. Expecting to find the same awkward and fragile girl he once knew, Hunter finds a beautiful and strong woman who is willing to risk anything for the children under her care. As Hunter tries to rekindle the deep feelings they once had for one another, Aliana withdraws further into herself.

Past Tense

What had happened to Aliana? Can Hunter break down her walls and prove to her he is still her knight in shining armor before she ends up dead? Product Details About the Author. She started publishing books in Storytelling has been a tradition in her family for years, and she still holds on to the letters she has received from family members since her childhood.

Caitlyn lives in California with her husband John of sixteen years who often makes guest appearances in her reader group, Caitlyn's Crew. Getting to know so many people within the reader community is almost as much fun as writing each new novel. So join her reader group so she can get to know you, and see if she and John can make it to year seventeen! You never know what kind of book she'll write next, it all depends on what strikes her fancy.

Agatha Christie The Secret Adversary (audiobook)

Be sure to keep in touch. Join her newsletter at her website www. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Even when Mason comes home injured from a mission the couple forge ahead, knowing that their life together is only going to get better. Sometimes the wifi in hospital can be a bit dodgy depending on where you are in the building, often so it could be good to help him download some stuff before he goes in. Our Discussion was Science in Fiction. Not Science fiction, but the books that have science in them as part of the plot. So, a lot of it certainly seems to form something of a cautionary tale — of experiments gone wrong or being used to the detriment of others.

Here are a few of the ones we mentioned all are adult unless stated :. Did you Know?

We have a wonderful Home Library Service that delivers books and audiobooks to people who cannot make it into a library usually through chronic ill health or mobility issues. A staff member comes out for a chat about what sort of books the person likes, the format that works best and how many they need. If this sounds like something you, or someone you care about, would like to access, then please phone and ask for more information.

We asked our friends on Facebook and Twitter for some Halloween reading recommendations.

Browse By Author: A - Project Gutenberg

Feel free to add your own favourites in the comments section at the bottom. The British author has been terrifying us since the mid 70s. Stalker by Lars Kepler recommended by Allison Someone is secretly filming women through their windows before murdering them and sending the video to the police….

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski recommended by Victoria A photographer creates a film of his family moving into their new home. The project runs smoothly until a maze of passageways appear and disappear, perhaps inhabited by an unseen malevolent creature. I am Legend by Richard Matheson. David and Lynne The attempts at filming this horror classic have never come close to capturing the terror, claustrophobia and overwhelming loneliness felt by Robert Neville, the only person on earth not to have succumbed to the vampire pandemic.

A modern vampire masterpiece. Ghosts of Sleath by James Herbert recommended by Peachy A psychic investigator is called in to investigate the strange events in a sleepy village and is driven to the edge of his sanity. He is ready to give up, until one extraordinary meeting…. Duke de Richleau and his friends rescue a women caught in the web of satanists and risk being brought to the verge of madness as they come face-to-face with the powers of evil. This time a workman unearths a medallion in an overgrown graveyard and unleashes a centuries-old nightmare.

The Unborn by David Shobin recommended by Roy Classic early 80s tale of Samantha, a mother who participates in a sleep-study program which leaves her under the control of a computer. Dark Matter by Michelle Paver recommended by Terri On an arctic expedition in the s Jack is abandoned after his companions are forced to leave. And, of course, Stephen King. The Last of Us by Rob Ewing recommended by Kenneth When a pandemic wipes out the entire population of a remote Scottish island, only a small group of children survive.

How will they fend for themselves? Bored psychiatrist Luke Rhinehart decides to let the roll of a dice decide his life in this disturbing cult classic. Under the Skin by Michel Faber recommended by Lynne A very strange and unsettling book that starts out like a thriller and becomes increasingly more bizarre. Why is Isserly picking up well-built hitchhikers? Why does she have all those surgical scars? What IS going on at the farm where she lives? Guaranteed once read, never forgotten! Christopher Pumpkin by Sue Hendra recommended by Liz.

The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones. The Changeover by Margaret Mahy. Sabriel by Garth Nix.

Our Discussion was all about National Poetry Day on 3 rd October look out for the multi-lingual postcards. We discussed our favourite poems and why poetry is wonderful.

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Did You Know? Really every week for us is Libraries Week, but Monday 7th — Saturday 12th is the official week where we get to shout about why libraries are great. Come along to learn how to access this FREE service. Minecraft At Larbert on Thursday 10 Oct, we challenge you to build the library of your dreams in Minecraft! Never played before?

Can you help? However, as with most things in life, knowledge really helps. There are some brilliant books about climate change and about what you can do to help:.