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Lucia or diving into the indoor pool, pictured below, at the spa in the Alpina Gstaad Hotel in the Swiss Alps. Travelers seeking a life-changing vacation experiences are also invited to drive up the pacific coastline for stunning views of Big Sur in California , to fish in the rushing rivers of Big Sky , or to jump off the floating deck at the Gansevoort Villas.

The final one-of-a-kind experience featured in the slideshow involves a fire pit, a sunset, and endless natural beauty at Costero , an upscale rental home in Los Cabos. For travelers looking to take a break from the ordinary on their next vacation, the options are endless.

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June 1, Walk the historic shores of Italy's famous Lake Como at sunset. Cross the Pont de Pierre bridge in France's fairy tale town of Bordeaux. Soak in the mountain views in the pool at the Llao Llao resort in Bariloche, Argentina. Fish in the rushing rivers at sunset in Big Sky, Montana. Visit the world class spa at Bali's finest beach resort, Alila Seminyak. Meditate at the edge of the world at St. Lucia's most luxurious home, Xhale Villa. He is in an emotional state, having been released after millennia of conscious petrification and the loss of his kinsmen.

He will tell you about how he and his kin left their homeworld to follow the "Empty Lord" Zaros , who promised a way to solve their problem of declining population, and how they became riders of dragons in his armies instead. He will also tell you about the Olun'dai , the predestined fate Hannibus and the other Ilujanka believe to be part of. Eventually you will decide that he needs a way to return home and suggest to search the library for clues.

Search the bookcases on the east and west side of the library. After searching the eastern one, you'll receive a primer on Dragonkin language. It contains translations of a couple of words from the Dragonkin language, including their names for several geographical locations, as well as an explanation of how their simple grammatical syntax works. Search the western bookcase to find a book titled "Flight of the Dragonkin", which features Robert wishing he could talk to the "enormous statues with stone eyes gazing out across the world" in order to learn more about the Dragonkin.

The first page of the Dragonkin Primer contains some text in the Dragonkin language. You can either translate the words using the list on the following pages, or toggle the automatic translation option. Now read the map behind Hannibus to update your knowledge of Dragonkin language with place names if you hadn't already.

You must now either follow the lead in the Dragonkin primer, or locate the mysterious stone statues around the world. These can be done in any order, but it is recommended to do the latter first. To follow the lead in the book in Robert's library, you must find several mysterious statues scattered around the world. You must seek out at least two of the four statues, which are located near the Seers' Village bank, outside the Tower of Life D J P or Kandarin Monastery reached by using Ardougne cloak 2 , near the Fishing Guild entrance, and near the Brimhaven house portal.

After finding one, you must find a way to speak to it. Do this by enchanting it with your animate rock scroll. It will ask if you are a Dragonkin or a TokHaar. You can say you are one of the two or reveal that you are a human, to which the statue will reply that humans destroyed many of their kind, all built by the TokHaar eons ago, to use as building material for their castles. They will also tell you that they had been positioned in a circle to all gaze in the direction of something called The Sleeper, but that a group of knights had rotated the statues to point to their holy grail.

It will then ask you to rotate it to face the correct location; comply with this. Visit all statues and rotate them. You only need to speak to and turn two, but rotating all four rewards the player with 10, bonus experience in any skill or 5, experience in any elite skill and is a requirement for the master quest cape. Now you must follow the directions they face in order to locate the 'Sleeper'.

By intersecting the statues' views, you will note that it is located on Entrana , so bank any items with stats and travel there. In the far north-west corner of Entrana the top of a submerged statue can be seen off the coast. Use your Animate Rock scroll anywhere near there to bring the Sleeper to life and to summon Hannibus. The Sleeper will warn of the Dragonkin's wrath if the tools of the creators the Stone of Jas is used.

Additionally, it will remark of a time when younger so-called gods came and that a certain god ignored the warnings not to use the Elder Artefacts which would invoke the Kin's wrath , submerged the Sleeper beneath the waves so the others would not hear, and turned the siblings of the circle away from the Sleeper. For many ages, the Sleeper had only one visitor who was like a Dragonkin but not characteristic of that race and peaceful of nature.

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  • It asked the Sleeper obscure questions about the curse that affects the Dragonkin, the curse of Jas. When asked about travelling between dimensions to get Hannibus home, the Sleeper will remark that the Dragonkin can travel to the Stone of Jas if it is abused regardless of its location, and only one type of dragon is known to be able to do this.

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    The Sleeper then seems to remember seeing one other creature with the power to pass planar barriers, who flew high above the Sleeper and vanished through a hole in the sky. Hannibus will tell you this is a dead end, and to investigate the lead given by the primer. The first sentence in the primer, noted there by Robert, is "Kletter Draekeun dosk Arraken Ullergrax.

    You will have to find dragons in a dungeon in the Wilderness. They cannot be black dragons, otherwise the adjective would have been "Kreath". Therefore, the phrase refers to the green dragons in the Forinthry Dungeon. Make your way to the dungeon, the entrance of which is in level 17 of the Wilderness , you will need to ascend deeper into level 22 of the Wilderness while in the dungeon, however. The dungeon is west of the Wilderness lodestone. Bring nothing but the primer if you go through the Wilderness to get there, even though you enter an instance when you arrive.

    Bringing anything else is unnecessary and only exposes you to the risk of losing items. Should it happen that you are killed in the Wilderness on your way to the dragons, the primer may be re-obtained from Robert's library. The Wilderness sword 2 provides free teleports to the Forinthry Dungeon. As you approach the green dragons east of where you entered the dungeon, a cutscene ensues where Hannibus approaches, calms and bonds with a green dragon.

    The dragon tells Hannibus that he does not know of any dragons with the abilities described by the Sleeper, but that the Creators did occasionally pay them visits. They would conduct experiments on the dragon before leaving notes in the rocks for future Dragonkin to visit. Search the cave for such a text. It can be found on a rock south-east of the dragon; as you approach it, it will begin to glow.

    You will automatically transcribe it in your primer. The second clue is: "Kletter Draekeun tescan Kath. Draekeun castil Lokur kel Draekeun. Drakkerkin dosk Tho Arakken Sketherin. Make your way there. Be sure to bring the primer, combat gear, and some dragonfire protection as you will need to kill three iron dragons. Make your way to the southern part of Brimhaven Dungeon. Once you enter the room with steel and iron dragons, another instance prompts you and Hannibus will again speak to the dragon, but this time have a difficult time with the ferocity of the steel dragon.

    Tell him he can do it, it's the only way he will get home, and other things to boost his confidence. You will need to defend Hannibus while he attempts to bond with the dragon by killing three iron dragons, to the rider's reluctance. Eventually, the steel dragon will be tamed.

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    Hannibus reveals the dragon's thoughts; it had witnessed a tall, pale-skinned creature pouring molten metal into dragon eggs, infusing them with strange sorcery. Few survived, but those that did hatched as metal dragons. Meanwhile, their tormentor made notes onto a wall "near a secret dungeon entrance".

    Find the notes on the wall near the entrance to the Brimhaven Dungeon resource dungeon for the next clue.

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    • Drakkergin dosk Ven Arraken. This means you will have to visit the Queen Black Dragon in her lair beneath Rimmington , for she was the first dragon ever created, namely by the Dragonkin Kerapac. Travel to the Grotworm Lair and make your way to the lowest floor. Choose the investigate option on the portal to the Queen, as right-clicking and selecting to pass through it will start a fight as usual.

      It will once again prompt you to enter the cutscene. Continue to appear in her lair along with Hannibus, who will speak to her in her sleep, stating that it would be best if she were not to wake up. The queen proceeds to channel through him, thinking the situation to be a good dream where she prevents an Ilujanka from dominating her.

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      Amused by your, the "dream-thing's", response, she will agree to answer any questions. Ask her about the Dragonkin and she will be infuriated, cursing "You bring me dreams that I do not wish to dream! She says they were taken to a dungeon on Dragontooth Island , and given twisted powers that drove them mad. Hannibus will exit her dream and the two of you quickly leave before your presence wakes the Queen up. You can use a Dungeoneering cape or hoardstalker ring to teleport directly to the Dragontooth Island resource dungeon.

      Alternatively, you can travel to Port Phasmatys by whatever means you wish, and bring an amulet of ghostspeak unless you own the Morytania legs 3 and dragonfire protection. Speak to the ghost captain by the small dinghy and travel to Dragontooth Island, and run to the far side to find a resource dungeon. Enter it to find yourself in a large cavern full of celestial dragons , and speak to Hannibus. He senses their madness and concludes he will need them to focus their rage on a single target so that he may find a way to bypass it.

      Therefore, you need to engage one of the dragons in combat, although you must not kill it, merely distract it. The typical way is to attack a dragon once with any weapon preferably one-handed to wield with Anti-dragon shield variants and then cease attack, tanking the damage until Hannibus completes the progress.

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      Several pieces of decent food and Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic are recommended Deflect Magic never kills a celestial dragon alone here. Stay out of melee range from the attacking dragon so it will not deal any non-magic damage. Turn off auto-retaliate to prevent any accident. Beware of their special attack, which traps you in time for a few game ticks , leaving you unable to eat and potentially killing you from stacked damage inflicted during this period if you are low on health. Anticipation will not stop the stun from occurring, but you can break free from the stun with Freedom.