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I had friends there: adults who did not look down on me for being young but rather would laugh with me, let me hold their babies, and sometimes even save a seat for me in the front row.

My choir director personally invited me every week and helped me feel I was an important part of the alto section. As I sang songs of rejoicing with the choir, I began to develop a testimony of the gospel, I began to understand that Father in Heaven knows and loves me, and all the truths I learned in Young Women began to be embedded in my heart. I sang in the choir for six years before I left Naperville for school.

I am sure I will be in many more choirs throughout my life, but the lessons of fellowship, service, and spiritual growth I learned by being a part of our Naperville First Ward choir will remain with me forever. Participating in a successful ward choir has taught us many important lessons:.

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We have learned to ask the Lord for specific help and then to have faith to receive that help. Before and after performances we pray that our diction will be good, that we will remember the things we have worked so hard on during practice, that those who need to hear our message will be in attendance, and so on. Once, after a not-so-lustrous practice before a performance, the person offering the prayer asked that the message would be received by the congregation even if it took angels attending us to answer our prayer.

During our performance that night, the sound we heard coming from our own voices was like nothing we had ever heard before.

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We knew our prayer had been answered. Many in our community have viewed the Church as non-Christian, but as some of these people have listened to our music, they have come to realize that members of the Church have strong testimonies of the Savior.

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We have found that the Lord blesses us for the sacrifices of our time, effort, and energy with an outpouring of His Spirit. Instead of skipping practices to be with him, she invited him to join the choir. He said he recognized the Holy Ghost for the first time in his life when he sang with us. Eventually he was baptized, and today, five years later, he serves as a counselor in the bishopric. In spite of his many responsibilities, he continues to sing in the choir. Music appeals to our spirits and emotions in different ways than talks or lessons do. Ward members who have difficulty following a talk, including children, often find that a choir selection redirects their attention and refreshes them for the rest of the meeting.

Michael Robert - Lift Up Your Voice Lyrics | MetroLyrics

While the young children watched a video, we sang hymns, holiday songs, favorites from past performances, and new music. These casual evenings added a lot to both our fellowship and our repertoire. Several years ago, my husband and I joined a ward choir in Newbury Park, California. Getting ward members to enlist in choir is usually challenging, but our choir director, Susan Davis, was blessed with the right ingredients to successfully recruit our musical army. I could see that she loved the sacred music she was teaching us; and because of her example, choir members also came to revere the majesty of stirring music.

In addition, choir members who already loved to sing shared their contagious excitement with more novice singers, encouraging bashful ward members to attend practices.

Section I: Preparing for the Training

Several teenage boys attended because the Young Men president was an eager participant and they liked hanging around him. That helped solve the seemingly constant challenge of finding enough men to participate. Our choir rehearsals were made as convenient as possible.

Sister Davis also valiantly did her best to start and end rehearsals on time, which helped choir members to not begrudge the time spent singing. The five-year-olds may not yet understand how learning to sing Primary songs with good posture and energy! Shortly after my wife and I moved into a new ward, I was asked to serve as ward choir director. I set out to help change those attitudes. During our first rehearsal, I heard plenty of soprano, a faint alto part, two strong tenors, and one strong bass, all doing their best to search for the notes.

However, after reading through it once, the choir was ready to give up. I encouraged them, working on each part repeatedly line by line. Once the choir felt more secure with the parts they were singing, they felt more comfortable following my directions to open their vowels, sit up tall and sing from their diaphragms, and add appropriate dynamics and phrasing. As the choir continued to practice music that was challenging but possible for them, and as they were offered consistent, positive reinforcement, their attitudes began to change. Once their outlook was more positive, their improvement was swift, and they set a high standard for the choir that has continued to rise to this day.

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Place one hand on your abdomen. Breathe in quickly and deeply and feel it rise as you do so.

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Your chest should not move. Hold your breath for a few seconds, then breathe out slowly, making a hissing noise through your teeth, till your lungs are absolutely empty. Feel your abdomen sink as you do this. Concentrate on what you are doing all the time. You should also do this exercise in bed every night, concentrating on the breathing process. You will drop off to sleep very quickly and at the same time form the habit of correct respiration.

Same exercise as before, but with hands relaxed on the floor. As you inhale, pull your legs up, knees bent over chest. Clasp hands over knees and hug the latter to your chest as you exhale. Same again, but raising your head from the floor as you bring your knees up Try to touch your knees with your head as you breathe out.

JMCIM Main Youth Choir - Lift Up Your Voices - June 10, 2018

Jean Tempini was Member of the Health Committee in Accessed July 9, Anything to say? You must be logged in to comment. With thanks and warm regards, Ine-Marie van Dam. Issues by Year Confidential Issue 73 Professionalization or …? They wrote and lectured and organised and were heavily involved in the early days of abolitionism, when such notions were still radical and unpopular and meeting-halls where they spoke would be attacked by mobs and burned to the ground. Indeed, Sarah and Angelina went further than many abolitionists, arguing not only for the immediate emancipation of the slaves, but true equality as well, arguing that slavery was not about racial differences, since both slaves and slave-holders were all Americans, but was simply the most pernicious manifestation of, as they called it, 'color prejudice'.

They were also involved with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in the burgeoning women's rights movement, equating the physical bonds of the slave with the psychological and spiritual bonds that held women in their place.

Lift Up Your Voice and Sing

Late in life, after the Civil War, they were introduced to their nephews, the sons of their brother Henry by a slave women he owned. Sarah and Angelina accepted these boys into their family and did all they could for them, encouraging them in their education and further careers as a lawyer and minister.

Archibald and Francis Grimke took up the banner of equality, becoming active members of the burgeoning black political movements and eventual founder members of the NAACP. I found the book flagged in these later chapters, becoming too much bogged down in the political wrangling between Booker T. Washington, W. Du Bois and others, and it lost much of the narrative flow from the first half.

But that small gripe aside, this was an excellent read, truly shining a light on some neglected figures from the early days of abolitionism and the Civil Rights movement. Sep 07, Martha rated it really liked it Shelves: history-stuff.