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Easy and accurate assessment of a patient's body clock could potentially help doctors treat more than just sleep disorders , experts said. For example, cholesterol -lowering statin drugs work better when a person is winding down, because the enzyme they block is more active in the evening, said Wu, who wasn't involved in the current study.

There's also some evidence that chemotherapy works better when administered at specific times of day when cancer cells are actively dividing, added Wu, an associate professor of neurology. Your internal biological clock orchestrates processes in nearly every organ system throughout the body.


Anyone who has worked a night shift or flown overseas can tell you the entire body is thrown off kilter when your internal body clock doesn't match the timing of the external world. Until now it's been extremely cumbersome to precisely determine an individual's circadian rhythm, said Dr. He played no role in the new research. The other option is to use a rectal probe to monitor core body temperature for a day or so, the experts said.

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That makes it really burdensome to the patient and expensive to do. Northwestern University researchers evaluated about 20, genes to determine which ones are most closely linked to the rhythms of the body, Braun said. They pared their test down to 40 genes that told internal time most accurately.

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Then they developed a computer process that reads those genes to establish an individual's circadian rhythm. Others are genes that are not directly related to the clock, but we know they're under circadian control," Braun said.

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That's the signal we're picking up. Blood samples for the test can be taken any time of day.

Am I Ovulating?

Therefore, ketosis, Rosen explains, is when your body uses said fats as its main source of fuel. Rosen tells me that, like any diet, the timeline of results is highly dependent on the individual.

That being said, after a week or so of eating minimal to no carbs, your body will burn through all of the lingering glucose aka the sugars extracted from the carbohydrates for energy , and begin to enter a state of ketosis, she says. That being said, physical activity definitely helps speed the process along, but cutting back on carbs is key.

What Body Shape Am I? Our Body Shape Calculator Works It Out | Who What Wear UK

Luckily, Derocha points out there are a few common signs that your body has reached ketosis, such as bad breath, loss of appetite, increased energy, trouble sleeping, overall fatigue, irritability and constipation. But the most obvious sign your body is in ketosis, however, she adds, is weight loss.

For this to happen, the body must stay in ketosis, Derocha explains. Meaning, if you make a solid attempt to try to follow the ketogenic diet, but you actually end up increasing you carbohydrate intake overtime, your body will start to then take you out of ketosis, requiring you to go back to square one.