Guide Collusion : The dark history of the Duplessis Orphans.

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The Unwanted Orphans
  1. Adults Worry That Church Won't Confess Its Sins
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These children, who are now adults, need the advocacy and support of professionals, such as yourself, as they bravely seek the justice and human rights, denied to them. These concepts reinforce the Nuremberg Code, as an operative norm of legal justice. Experimental brain implants were placed into the skulls of some of these vulnerable children, by cutting into their brains. These are extreme violations of law and clearly, of human rights. Rights theorists demand that tenets of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights including the directive against torture are honored.

By assigning priority to human rights they become a side constraint for every theory that seeks a quantitative optimization of the state of affairs. This is the argument against utilitarianism and we firmly advocate for this philosophical tenant. These are bedrock tenants of law and humanistic philosophy, that we believe make adjudication, for this case imperative.

Adults Worry That Church Won't Confess Its Sins

For adult survivors, these memories survive and often haunt. As one who works with survivors of this traumatic experimental abuse, every week, I can say, that these memories are not easily dissipated. They can last and influence a lifetime.

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We believe it is necessary to give these courageous survivors, the justice the Canadian government is capable of providing, so that they can continue their lives, families and work, in peace. Would you reply to me, about this very important issue?

Blog — Better Farm

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Maurice Duplessis

Skip to content. Home A. Wasted Lives Two years after arriving at her orphanage in , Clarina Duguay was transferred to St. Julien Hospital, an insane asylum more than 1, kilometers from her home. Duguay experienced appalling treatment at St. She described being tied to a bed with a collar, and having to scrub floors seemingly without end. Duguay was told by the nuns that her mother had become psychotic and had died as a patient in another psychiatric hospital. In fact, her mother died of tuberculosis two years after the nuns claimed she had passed away.

Two weeks after arriving at St. Julien, Duguay vividly recalls being given medicine that the nuns said would make her sleep. The medicine, however, did much more than that. I was getting the drug every night. I have a hard time remembering, which I think is because of the drug. Francois Lantagne was a frightened, 9-year-old boy in when he was sent to St.

Michel Archange psychiatric hospital. Born out of wedlock, his mother did not have enough money to raise him.

Lantagne was regularly placed in a straitjacket and subjected to ice-cold showers. Like Duguay, he received chlorpromazine every night at bedtime. Today, Lantagne has been on welfare for 35 years. Shortly after that, he was transferred to St.

Michel Anctil

Jean-De-Dieu Hospital, where he remained until I was having nightmares and my heart was always beating fast. I felt anxious. Julien until Quinton was They all say that the drug was the same one they were given all along. They have no reason to lie.

Three thousand people cannot all be lying. Hundreds of Unexplained Deaths Vienneau compared the cold water plunges and the drug use to experiments performed on children in Nazi-run concentration camps in Europe. Lebel has discovered unexplained deaths of hundreds of Orphans and many examples of bogus paperwork in their cases. When children died, he explained, as yet unidentified persons within the psychiatric system simply came up with phony new identities, fabricating records to replace those deceased so funding could continue.

Compounding such deception in cases of those who died, he said, is the longtime maltreatment of survivors. The parallel is drawn not to Nazi atrocities, but rather to the crimes of German psychiatrists in their institutions.